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All following terms apply to my artwork, during the process of commissioning me, and to all designs I create.


Commission me for artwork or a custom design!


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by buying, adopting, receiving any art from me, you are automatically agreeing to all the terms listed below.


Please claim responsibly. DO NOT edit, back out, or hide claims.The only currency I actively accept is dA Points. Unless specified to pay via commission widget, please pay through Gift or Donation Pool.I may occasionally take Paypal USD. This account is managed by my parents/guardians, I do not accept payments on my own volition without their knowledge and consent. If you are uncomfortable paying this way, you may pay via dA points. Please respect and do not share my personal details publicly or I will refund and ban you from my works.Please mark Paypal payments as Goods and Services with no shipping address needed.Any unsolicited chargebacks will result in cancellation of any pending commissions, revoking of any involved adoptable designs, and a ban from my content. I retain the right to recycle and reuse created content involved in the chargeback for other purposes.I require payment in full first before I start. Please wait for me to confirm before sending any currency.I retain the right to refuse service or cancel a commission midway, with a refund, without a given reason.I do not or offer refunds or accept returns for finished purchased designs or finished commissioned works.I do not offer refunds for in-progress commissions unless within applicable reason, untimely wait times, or if I fail to deliver. Please be 100% certain before commissioning!My commission prices are susceptible to changes at any given time.


Site specific crediting: SOCIAL MEDIAYou may NOT claim my art as your own. Do NOT heavily trace/ reference my art and/or my personal OCs and designs. Light inspiration is fine, but downright copying is not tolerated.I retain my copyright over my art, and am allowed to use it for promotional purposes, share, and post my artwork however I see fit.Please do not repost, reupload, rehost, or redistribute my works unless if you have written permission from me.You may not use my artwork to promote hate, harassment, etc. I will not hesitate to blacklist.You may use my art for personal, non-commercial use, such as profile pictures, avatars, backgrounds, decorations, etc; as long as credit is not claimed by the user and given when needed. However, YOU MAY NOT faceclaim and use art of an oc or design that doesn't belong to you.You may not use my art for commercial, monetary, or promotional purposes for your own gain.You may make SMALL edits to works you have commissioned or received directly from me, such as minor color shifts, a missing detail, or cropping to fit as an avatar or something. I don't mind as long as it the edits are not maliciously editing out my signature, "fixing my art," vandalizing my work, or making heavy edits to the point where my art is no longer recognizable. However, if you're editing a character's design, I ask that you please create your own new art for it and not edit over mine. I'd also definitely appreciate being asked first because there is a chance I can edit the art for you!


I may not immediately respond to take new commission orders if I am currently working through a long queue. I don't want to stress myself or cause you to wait much longer.I will require a CLEAR, visual, fullbody, colored reference and need you to specify every SPECIFIC DETAIL, such as expressions or poses, you want me to pay attention to in your commission.Minor edits to the final product are available if I accidentally make an error on what was specified during ordering. Major edits or requesting addition of any details that were not clarified before commissioning or during WIP shots may require extra payment.Do not ask me to draw NSFW or show sexual NSFW references, I am a minor.Turnaround time should be around 1 day up to 2 months. I will keep you updated if anything occurs along the way that may hinder my progress, however I still ask that you be patient along the way as I may have other responsibilities I need to attend to.I usually work in one shot, so if you would like to actively see WIPs, please ask beforehand. I don't often send WIPs unless if I am able to actively contact the client, say over Discord.You will only receive a digital file on completion. You will not receive a physical copy.Please be sure to save all files upon delivery. I clean out my folders from time to time and may not be able to provide a copy at a future date. It is not my responsibility to hold onto a client's files if they fail to save it within a timely manner.
ALL my progress is recorded here on this google sheets.
For art trades, I heavily prefer people I can trust who can finish their part.I DO NOT do requests unless otherwise stated.


Please do not buy from me if you only wish to scalp or only profit from my designs.You may not redistribute any adoptable design I have created if you do not own them.You may not assume additional rules onto my designs that restrict the design's usage.You may not make derivative (identical or heavily based) designs based on a design I create.You may not use my designs to promote hate, harassment, etc. I will not hesitate to blacklist.You do not need to credit each and every time in every post you make, but please don't claim credit for the design or my artwork. Give credit when credit is due.Please credit my toyhou.se, Strabi, if hosting my design on toyhou.se.Reselling, trading, or gifting your adopt is permitted at any time under your ownership. You may resell any design by me for a higher price than obtained for ONLY if you obtain new artwork for the design. Please price the resale fairly to the worth of the newly accumulated art. Scalping will result in a ban from obtaining more of my designs. If the adopt is in a species with their own resell rules, please follow those rules instead!Personal usage is allowed. OWNER of the design is allowed to use, post, and alter their design as they please for personal use. This includes but nor limited to: editing the design, changing the design's species, changing the design's biography and story; uploading to social media, gallery sites, character hosting sites, or personal websites; using as profile pictures, avatars, backgrounds, decorations, wallpapers, or other private contexts; and making prints or merchandise for yourself or as gifts.My own artwork cannot be used commercially, however, assuming new artwork has be used (with consent from the artist), OWNER of the design may use the design commercially only in the following cases: publishing works that feature the design, such as comics, games, music albums, and written works; using the design to promote content they create.Commercial usage is forbidden in the following cases: mass producing and selling merchandise that features the design. This is not limited to but includes: selling clothing, accessories, keychains, toys, stickers, prints, posters, etc. Additionally, assume anything else not mentioned is not allowed.Reusable assets, like bases, that I create are not unique to each design and may be used on future works.


In the case if I've designed a design that holds a similar appearance to another person's work; you may inform me politely. I would NEVER blatantly copy someone else's existing character, but I will examine the situation if needed, and take appropriate measures if the designs are deemed too similar. If there is not enough evidence, I retain the right to deny the claim. Please remember to keep etiquette throughout the entire ordeal. There is NO NEED FOR CONFLICT. If harassment or attacks start, I will resort to blocking.
Any designs I've made that they own before blacklisting will NOT be revoked. However, they are NOT allowed to receive any other existing design made by me. Once the character is no longer under their ownership; the character CANNOT return to under their ownership.The design follows all general trade rules. However, commercial usage is forbidden.Harassment, guilt tripping, block evading, and scalping are automatic ways to be blacklisted.blacklist


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